Stalley "Human EP"

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“With that project, and breaking it up into a three-part series, for me, it was like an evolution of me as an artist. I’ve been in the industry, I was signed to a major label, I was with MMG. There was a lot of things I was going through and battling with, especially after leaving. You hear so many people’s opinions and them telling you what decisions you should be making, what music you should make, what producers you should work with, what features you should have and all those things. Human was something I knew would be a good follow-up to the three-part series, because that series was me telling the story. It’s really me amplifying that whole thing”

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na razie nieznana

Stalley - I Don't See Ft. Pregnant Boy f/k/a Go Dreamer (Prod. Black Champagne)


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